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Leisuretown Origins

3 friends - a craft brewer, cannabis entrepreneur and chemist - came together to start a brand that brings the best experiential elements of alcohol and cannabis into a better-for-you sessionable seltzer.

More hangout vibes less hangover downtime.


    chief executive officer

    Serial entrepreneur
    Former Chief Strategy Officer of HERBL
    Founder of Form Factory*
    *acquired by Acreage Holdings



    Former Sales Director at Berryessa Brewing Co
    Founder at Muertos Coffee Co

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We love Leisuretown...

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"It's something new and different, I can drink a few and just chill."

Chelsea Handler

"I am always looking for ways to minimize my alcohol consumption with healthier options and Leisuretown offers a delicious, low calorie, low sugar option. I am looking to operate at my highest level, and I have finally found a beverage that I believe can take my wellness to the next level."